Protect Your Website

Nothing worse than getting hacked and getting your clients’ data leaked to the public! Fortunately, we are here to protect your website & server from malicious users and hackers!

Secure your website From Hackers & malicious users!

Super Security

Bug Removal

Deep Analysis

Full Cleaning

How It Works

Step 1: Server Analysis

Full scan to determine if there are vulnerabilities or issues on the server. This is a detailed scan that detects any open ports, and outdated services that have security issues.

Step 2: Web App Analysis

Detailed scan to detect if you have vulnerabilities or other security issues on your website

Step 3: Database Assessment

Testing your database to check whether there is any malicious data saved in the database

Step 4: Security Patch & Malware Removal

If issues are found, we will patch the vulnerabilities and remove any viruses or malware

Secure your Website & Server