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We will design your raffle website and develop it with all the premium features. Now's your chance to get a great competitive website, See the features below!


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We can add any features to your website. Need more features?
Drop us a message and let’s discuss the details!

Admin Dashboard

Control your website, raffles, payments, users, and everything you see easily without effort!

Unlimited Raffles

Upload as many raffles as you want. Specify the amount of tickets and the prices, and that's it!

Automated System

Save your time & effort! upload the raffles and let the system work without any manual effort!

Payment Gateways

Receive your money instantly without any delay using any payment gateway you want!

Security & Firewall

Do not worry about hackers, intruders, or malware. Your website will be 100% secure and safe!

Customized Emails

The system automatically emails users and sends them the ticket numbers and the details!

Email Newsletter

Our system collects all the user emails - you can use that to send promotional emails to your players!

SEO Optimized

Your website will appear on every major search engine like Google, Yandex, Bing, and Yahoo!

ტექნიკური მხარდაჭერა

Free Technical support for 1 year - we cover bugs, performance issues, or security concerns!

Full Raffles website Design & Development

See Below What You'll Get

You will get every single important feature that your website needs.
You will have a competitive raffle website with a great responsive design. 
Your raffle website will be better than your top competitors!

Unlimited Raffles

Attractive Design

Admin Panel

Sales & Statistics

User Management

Email Campaigns

Looking for a demo?

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This is a full website for your reference. Need any other specific demos?
Let us know and we will make a demo raffle website specifically for you!

Develop a raffle website in another language

We Translate To Any Language!

Your website can either be in a single language, or multi-lingual. Let us know which languages you want to have on the website and we will do the rest.

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Every country has different regulations and requirements, in most cases you DO NOT need a gambling license to operate such a website. Contact us if you’d like to know the latest legal news & requirements in your country.

Raffles & competitions are prizes that can be won after purchasing tickets. A user either chooses their own tickets, or they get assigned automatically by the system.
When the countdown reaches zero, and if enough tickets are sold, the system randomly picks a winner from the list.

You only need normal hosting (shared or cloud) – and a domain name to get started. We will help you choose the correct colors for your website. If you do not have a logo yet, we will design it for you, for FREE!

You can upload as many Prizes/Raffles as you want. You will have full control over the system!

Absolutely! Our team will provide you with technical support for 1 year! we cover bugs, performance issues, and security concerns as well!

It does, but we will make it happen automatically, so you don’t have to do anything at all! Maintenance will happen automatically in the background, the website will stay fast, and you’ll be notified if there are any security concerns to deal with.

This is our priority, we know that you might need to change something later, this is why we use drag-and-drop page builders! This being said, it will be extremely easy to edit your pages with no effort at all!