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Our platform is designed to connect talented HOME COOKS with clients who crave authentic, homemade meals. We seek to empower individuals who possess exceptional culinary skills and wish to work from the comfort of their own homes. Our application is tailored for single individuals who have a passion for cooking and want to share their expertise with others. Through our platform, we strive to provide clients with the opportunity to experience delicious and authentic food, crafted with love and care by skilled home cooks.

Our user app is a mobile application that provides customers with a user-friendly and intuitive interface to search for and order homemade food from local home-based cooks.

Customers can easily browse through a diverse range of cuisine options, including homemade fast food and traditional homemade dishes, track their orders, and make secure payments. The app also incorporates maps and GPS functionality to enable efficient food delivery.


Easy UI

24/7 Support

Admin Dashboard

A full administrative dashboard to manage kitchens and users.
The dashboard has all the functionalities you need, such as invoices, finances, sales, delivery agents, complaints, and much more!

The Workflow

The entire process is extremely easy and straightforward

Choose your kitchen

Select Your homemade Meal

Pay For The Order online

Wait For The Delivery

Become Our Cook

Is cooking your hobby and you’re planning to make it your full-time job
without leaving your house?

Step 1

Download our mobile application, and apply online to become our cook

Step 2

Once approved, you will receive the instructions from our team

How Is This Different?​

 Find out why we’re different and how we’ll boost the economy

Only Single Individuals

Unlike others, we do not accept restaurants on board. Our app only supports local individuals who are excellent at cooking

Very Low Commission

Other apps are charging their vendors up to %30 of their income. We are not doing that, we're only charging %15

Homemade & High Quality

Our talented cooks create delicious homemade food in their kitchen with expertise and skill

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Questions & Answers

Below you will find most of the answers to the common questions

Our app will be available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Our app is built using a combination of languages. The main language that we’re using is Flutter.

Yes, our app is free to download and use. However, there may be additional fees for food delivery and other services.

We perform regular maintenance on our servers and app to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Maintenance schedules may vary, but we always strive to minimize disruption to our users.

Are there any discounts available for app users?

Yes, our app provides real-time tracking of your food delivery. You’ll be able to see when your food is being prepared, when it’s on the way, and when it’s about to arrive.

We strive to update our app regularly to ensure that it provides the best possible user experience. The frequency of updates may vary, but we always aim to make improvements and fix any bugs or issues as soon as possible.

yes, users can send their complaints to us and we will deal with them instantly. Any user has the ability to send a message to our customer support department as well if they need any help.