Got hacked?
We will fix it

Protect your website and server from hackers and prevent client
data leaks with our expert security services!

Secure your website From
Hackers & malicious users!

Super Security

Bug Fixing

Full Analysis

Virus Removal

How We Do It

Step 1: Server Analysis

Full scan to determine if there are vulnerabilities or issues on the server. This is a detailed scan that detects any open ports, and outdated services that have security issues.

Step 2: Web App Analysis

Detailed scan to detect if you have vulnerabilities or other security issues on your website

Step 3: Database Assessment

Testing your database to check whether there is any malicious data saved in the database

Step 4: Security Patch & Malware Removal

We will patch the vulnerabilities and remove any viruses or malware

Have a Project For Us?

Worried about hackers and viruses compromising your website? Our robust cybersecurity solutions are here to safeguard your online presence. From proactive defense against digital threats to swift cleaning and recovery after an attack, we ensure your website remains secure and trustworthy.